Intrusive Thoughts

This is a comprehensive of my “Thoughts” drawing. The idea is that there is a dark cloud of thoughts that interfere with the many worlds created in the brain. Not all the thoughts are on the surface, as they dwell in the worlds that are within other worlds and can stay dormant until provoked. It is uncertain why or how. Even when the roots in these worlds are uncovered, they can lead to nothing but emptiness. Like the tree, there are branches that symbolize the connections to something much larger. Once one connection is gone, another appears. This is a small battle with O.C.D (Obsessive Compulsive Disorder).

The drawing starts with basic geometric shapes and the further you go, the more complex these shapes become.

Drawings from Gettysburg

   Here are a few drawings that I did while at my residency in Gettysburg. They served the purpose of getting ideas out quickly. I spent maybe a day on each and did not pay much attention to form and value. I hope to complete more and create paintings out of my favorites. I am building steps, from preliminary sketches to paintings. 


Artist in Residence

‪   Gettysburg National Military Park‬ was kind enough to grant me a residency for a month at the Klingel House, here in the park. The Klingel House is a farm that is located in ‪Gettysburg National Military Park‬ and was here during the Civil War.  I am Humbled to be here and am making the most of this opportunity.


   While deployed in Baghdad, Iraq, with the 1st Cavalry Division of the United States Army, discovering dead bodies was normal. I've seen them young and old, pieces and parts, halves and with holes, burned and exploded. Amongst the many bodies, a headless corpse is reluctantly leaving my memories. The body was blocking a small roadway and a trail of blood led to the head about 50 meters down. I am acknowledging the significance of the memory. In order to relax the memory I must entertain it. It is a process.

A Drawing a Day

      In order to loosen up and to be less restricted in my work, I decided to create work, without any preconceived ideas of what the images are going to be. The only guidelines I set for myself were to start from shapes for composition and fill them in or void them. I lasted 22 days and was able to go the whole time without any reference out side of my own knowledge and the world inside of me. This was my sub conscience and my way of sublimating.