I think the best way for me to enter any drawing is with a malleable plan. The drawing looks and feels different as an outline and changes to something with a pulse when those lines are filled in. Charcoal has been my primary medium as of lately because it gives me the opportunity to loosen up, something I don’t really get when doing a graphite drawing. The decapitated theme continues until I feel the body deserves a head. List of materials: generals charcoal pencil 6B, Nitram charcoal stick soft, primed watercolor paper, mineral spirits and an old brush. Here are process shots…if you have any questions, please ask

Drawings from Gettysburg

   Here are a few drawings that I did while at my residency in Gettysburg. They served the purpose of getting ideas out quickly. I spent maybe a day on each and did not pay much attention to form and value. I hope to complete more and create paintings out of my favorites. I am building steps, from preliminary sketches to paintings.